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If you’re still too stupid to understand why Trump wants to ban Muslim ‘refugees’ then watch this horrifying video


This powerful video really exposes the truth about the violent refugee crisis Germany, and other open-borders European nations are facing. It’s scary, and it’s hard to believe how quickly this out-of-control situation escalated. It’s also another great reminder of what we DON’T want to see happen in America:


In August 2016, Angela Merkel defended her “open-borders” policy:

Aug. 23, 2016 – ANGELA Merkel has defended her open-door immigration policy claiming it was a “humanitarian duty” to let in almost two million migrants last year.

However, the German Chancellor admitted some areas of her immigration stance could be improved following a U-turn in public opinion against refugees.

This was sparked in part by the Cologne sex attack, carried out by migrant gangs on thousands of women, and a string of recent terror attacks where the attacker was an asylum seeker.

Nearly a year on from when Germany’s borders were opened, Mrs Merkel still defended the controversial decision but identified certain areas where change was needed.

Faced with international criticism, she claimed the open-door policy was “necessary and right”.

On September 4, 2016 Angela Merkel’s party CDU party was soundly defeated by the anti-migrant AfD party in the German state election. Merkel assumed some of the blame for her reckless immigration policy, but